To those wondering about what exactly this garcinia cambogia extract is, let me make it simple. It is neither a concoction nor a miraculous product emerged from the fruit, but is the tamarind present in the fruit. The extract is nothing but the pulp that comes out from a small pumpkin like fruit mostly greenish yellow in color. The pumpkin like structure protects the inner fruit and the pulp. The benefits of tamarind might not be known to all as many western nations do not use it in their food. Tamarind is said to have many medicinal properties and is also said to aid in easy digestion. The sour flavor of the tamarind enhances digestion and reduces acidity.


Coming to the main part of the discussion, I hope many would have come across the fact that garcinia cambogia extract is known for its weight reducing properties. Speaking in a broader sense, the actual amount of extract used in weight reduction treatments is present in very little quantities in the fruit. I know many of you would have been a bit disappointed after reading this. Do not worry as good news is awaiting you. Science and medicine have come together to enhance the power of Mother Nature by increasing the medicinal value of the extract.


The branched chain amino acids benefits are fantastic for weight trainers and the health-conscious alike. Then came a revolution in the medicinal market where garcinia cambogia has acquired a top position in helping to reduce weight. Several studies and researches conducted by professors and scientists proved that the extract when combined with other by products, yielded amusing results which proved considerable weight loss among people who consumed it on a regular basis. The studies showed that people who consumed the extract lost their weight two to three folds than people who did not consume it. This comes to a rough estimation of around 10%. Many might wonder whether it’s the extract itself working or it’s by products that do the work.


The bottom line is, the actual pure extract works in two simultaneous ways, keeping your appetite under control and reducing the fat content in your body. Garcinia cambogia contains Hydroxycitirc acid (HCA) that acts as an appetite suppressant. Due to this, your hunger levels get lowered a bit and you start to eat less than you normally do. This in turn prevents the food you take getting turned into fat. Since your hunger levels get lowered, you tend to eat less, which in turn leads to natural weight loss. It also tends to decrease your belly fat. But be careful to take it in considerable amounts as advised by your physician as more intake of this can lead to acidosis.


I conclude with this by bringing you the fact that taking these pills reduce your weight, but still you need to consult your physician before you start taking these as the results may vary from person to person.